The Ultimate A-Z Index of Apple OS X/Linux command line commands

I’m forever trying to remember command line commands for Linux or Mac OS X. I picked up this list a while ago and keep around in a text file but decided to post it here so I can get to it whenever I don’t have my laptop with me. Some of the commands are bash built-in commands but most will work on either OS. Feel free to add to the list.

alias – Create an alias
alloc – List used and free memory
apropos – Search the whatis database for strings
awk – Find and Replace text within file(s)

basename – Convert a full pathname to just a filename
bash – Bourne-Again SHell
bg – Send to background
bind – Display readline key and function bindings
bless – Set volume bootability and startup disk options.
break – Exit from a For, While, Until or Select loop
builtin – Execute a shell builtin
bzip – Compress or decompress files
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