Dinner at Market Street Grill in Salt Lake City

I gotta say this was some fine eating. While in Salt Lake City back in August for the Stampin’ Up! demonstrators convention (yeah, I was forced to go), the gals from Stampin Addicts gave us a gift card for $100 at Market Street Grill. Never one to turn down steak, particularly what could be very good steak that’s essentially free we headed downtown to check the place out.

It was a nice atmosphere, a little uppity but not formal. Lots of business types where there and you could tell it was a popular place. I figured it would be a bit on the pricey side but since we had $100 to blow I figured it would be ok. One look at the menu didn’t disappoint. I love lobster and they had Maine lobster tails but underneath that for twice the cost was Australian lobster tails.

It was a great meal and since I was really considering the Australian lobster why not see if we could spend a hundred bucks on one meal. As it turns out, it wasn’t too hard. Here’s some pics of my portion of the meal.

I’m not usually a big Prime Rib person, typically I prefer a steak steak, but decided to splurge. It was great, cooked perfectly.

At twice the cost it’s got to be twice as good right? Wrong!! It was still good but not quite the flavor of a Maine lobster.

So how close did we come to spending the $100? Well if this had been The Price Is Right I’d have busted by .21 cents. The bill came to $100.21, can’t be that.